Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A short but meant thank you list for 2010

The Hoffman Process for helping me make change
Big Leap for nudging me into my first steps
Screw Work Let's Play for coaching
Mahasukha for Soulful Singing
The School of Practical Philosophy for thoughtful discussion
The Argus for carrying my blog
Dreamthinkspeak for giving me an opportunity
Friends and ex colleagues for being supportive and encouraging
The School of Life for inspiration
And many, many more.

Thank you all.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wise words from Eddie Izzard

If the purpose of life is to live it, which I think it is, there’s life there, we’re here, you can go ‘what is it all about?’ and just get lost in a circular argument or you can get it, grab it, try and put something positive into it and that’s what I want to do. And if fear gets in the way then just push fear back.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Homer the misnomer is no more

Ten years ago I bought my first house, one with a catflap and 'outside space'.  I had come back to England after living in the US with a wish list - house, pets, boyfriend, family.  Ben and Homer were the pair of cats I liked best at the cat rescue place and they came home with me the day I saw them.  Foolishly I left an upstairs window open and Homer, always the braver of the pair, made his escape within hours.  Six weeks later, after much searching and leafleting, I collected him from a very kind lady and her daughter who had been feeding this black and white stray who matched the description.  A friend joked that Homer was a poor name for a cat who so clearly had no idea where his home was.

The cats moved house with me several times over the next ten years and were laid back, healthy, affectionate, grumpy and quirky in the way that moggies are.  Homer was the more zen of the two, with an old soul gaze and slightly stoned eyes.  He headbutted me when he wanted attention, wailed when he wanted food, got into scrapes, loved being outside and sat by me whenever I was sad.

I had to put him down on Friday night. Good bye, Homer. RIP.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


I've written about fear and failure.  With a new year in sight, it is time to focus on some positive F's.

Although this is a blog about career change, career change is just the trigger, the beginning of an attempt to live a more meaningful, fulfilled life.  The goal isn't just to find new work.  It is to be a more integrated person, someone who is true to themselves.  The new career exploration process is under way. What of the rest of my life?

What I really want boils down to this:

Friends, Family, Fella and a little AdFenture (my four F's!)

And I have most of that already.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

And yet

A month into my new life, things are going well for me.  I enjoy my university course and my part time job has potential to expand.  I couldn't have wished for a better start.  I'm at a point where I could start to disconnect my analytical mind for a bit and explore my creative side.

And what am I doing with my spare time?  Studying for my Psychology exams?  Writing my novel?  Nope, I'm killing time on my laptop and interviewing for other part time jobs.

I'm not off the hamster wheel yet.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Tra la la la la

Happy days.  It's snowy and beautiful outside.

My 'job in the arts' may increase to a few days a week instead of the current one.  It all helps to extend my savings and give me a little more breathing space.  Plus it occupies, entertains and teaches me about a new world - one I've only really participated in before as a consumer.

Slow exhale.