Saturday, 31 December 2011

So, 2011, see ya

The end of year review.  I've been putting this off like the good procrastinator I can be.  It's been a year of learning, delaying and then getting on with it and ultimately I'm in a good place to launch into 2012.

The achievements log goes something like this:
Worked with one of the most creative theatre companies and artistic directors, taking a show to an international festival in the summer, and leaving it in very capable hands as I exit.
Two new part-time jobs lined up for 2012, working in very different organisations - visual art and career strategy.
A Psychology qualification.
Set up a regular monthly event/workshop on the theme of Fulfilling Work with a friend.
Made new friends and contacts and deepened my existing friendships.
Started dating.

The behind the scenes story:
Really struggled to find my way until after the summer.
Still find it difficult to let go of my control freak tendencies.
I'd like to think I've become a softer and warmer person, but others may disagree!

The learnings:
Forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude are the way to go.
Learn by doing.
Keep the ego under control.
Let go to let in.
I'm not responsible for everything.

I've been rehearsing a version of the end of year review over the last week or so as I've seen a lot of people I haven't seen for a while - I've spun a very positive story.  Of course it's true but it isn't quite the tidy (smug?) story I've presented.  The old adage of pride coming before a fall proved oh-so-true and just as the year is ending, a couple of slaps have reminded me to reign in a little. Not to play small, but to pay attention to how I am behaving.  To slow down and settle for a bit.  To get off the adrenaline speed boat.
To be still.  And to listen.
Not a bad place to be at the end of 2011.  I'm happier, wiser, more comfortable in my skin and less worried about finding my way.  I'm looking forward to next year.

Happy 2012.