Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Learn by doing

I knew this before but now I really know it:

Working with a good partner is better than working alone.
Most cock ups can be fixed.
Some people are snipers; they'll snipe anyway so you might as well get on with it.
Friends are kind, but if you ask them to tell you the truth, they will.
Admitting your fears and ugly traits disempowers them.
The energy surge of an idea you're excited by will carry you a long way.
There will be moments of doubt and "Oh Lord, what was I thinking?"
These moments pass.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Following through

A while ago I signed up as a volunteer host for a scheme that involves putting up homeless young people in your home on a night by night basis.  There was an initial assessment, then a period of training, fire checks, social worker checks and CRB checks.  By the time all this was complete, my life had got busier and I no longer had a spare room.  Finally, though, the room was free and I awaited the call for my first Nightstop young person.

Last night a 16 year old girl stayed.  She wasn't in a hostel or on the street; she was safe in my home.  When I took the call yesterday afternoon I was tired and the last thing I felt like doing was staying in, cooking dinner and providing a listening ear to a stranger in distress - but I wanted to deliver on my promise.

It was a small thing to give I now realise.  I hope it made a difference.  I'm glad I followed through.

Sussex Nightstop



Monday, 12 September 2011

Shift Happens

Recently I arranged to meet a fellow rejector of corporate/professional life for a catch up and comparing notes session.  It turned out that we were both suffering from change fatigue and dysfunctional independence (<- Robert Holden's Shift Happens book has a handy check list for this.  Oh dear).

It only took about 5 minutes of conversation for us to realise that what we needed to do was buddy up and start making things happen together.

So Fulfilling Work was born.  An afternoon of brainstorming and we were off.  This was an idea I've been talking about doing since last autumn!  Any coach will tell you - don't do change alone.  Elicit support.  I got the part about surrounding myself with inspiring and supportive people; it took nearly a year for me to finally understand that working with other people gets things done, is fun, and more productive.

I'm slow but I get there in the end.

If anyone reading this lives in Sussex, is dissatisfied in their job (or non-job) and looking for a more fulfilling way to work, join us on the first Tuesday of every month 7-9pm in Brighton & Hove.  We have Suzy Greaves of The Big Leap (http://www.thebig-leap.com/) as the speaker for our first meeting on October 11th.  Each meeting will have a inspirational speaker, practical pragmatic advice, and networking.

The Meet Up group (Fulfilling Work) is now live for booking your place.  Click link below.
Fulfilling Work Meet Up Group

Monday, 5 September 2011

Yuck and doh!

Ha!  I post a link about pushing through fear and counsel friends on their opportunities and achievements.  Days later I'm deep in fear's grip, feeling powerless.  At a workshop this weekend I found myself in a familiar place and one I thought I'd left behind.  A place of panic and powerlessness.  An embarrassing public freezing, with my face flushed, my voice quavery and tears threatening to strike at any moment.  Followed by a hollow feeling of recognition at this weaker part of myself which I haven't yet shaken.

I set myself up for it.  I really wanted it to go well and yet when we introduced ourselves at the start I said I expected to find it difficult.