Friday, 16 September 2011

Following through

A while ago I signed up as a volunteer host for a scheme that involves putting up homeless young people in your home on a night by night basis.  There was an initial assessment, then a period of training, fire checks, social worker checks and CRB checks.  By the time all this was complete, my life had got busier and I no longer had a spare room.  Finally, though, the room was free and I awaited the call for my first Nightstop young person.

Last night a 16 year old girl stayed.  She wasn't in a hostel or on the street; she was safe in my home.  When I took the call yesterday afternoon I was tired and the last thing I felt like doing was staying in, cooking dinner and providing a listening ear to a stranger in distress - but I wanted to deliver on my promise.

It was a small thing to give I now realise.  I hope it made a difference.  I'm glad I followed through.

Sussex Nightstop



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