Thursday, 21 October 2010

The power of the group

I’m constantly forgetting and then being reminded that I don’t have to go through this career change process on my own.  It’s obvious and good advice that anyone going through change will have ups and downs and that sharing with like minded souls is both reassuring and energising.  People need people!  At a purely selfish level, networking with new people expands opportunities and gets the creative juices flowing.  It’s a two way deal.  Support < --- > Energy & Ideas.

I jokingly wrote in my Argus blog that I was embarking on my own 12 step process of change and that I was going to take myself through it by the scruff of my neck.  I missed the obvious in the metaphor.  Any 12 step programme* works because of the power of the group.

I have some great groups that I am newly a part of and, in my usual fashion, I dilly dally on the edges.  It’s time to jump in and engage.

* I do realise that this is the AA process.  I’ve not experienced it and my 12 steps will be different, but I’m guessing there will be similarities.  And I’m a pragmatic kind of girl so I like the idea of structure and methods that work!    

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