Monday, 6 February 2012

Are you nuts?

Potential is all well and good.  Having lots of ideas?  Fabulous.
But, really, what's the point unless you do something with all those nuts and seeds?  They'll rot or some squirrel will bury them, then eat them.  Those closely held dreams and ideas might give you a small cozy glow.  Daydreams and fantasies have their place.
But, seriously, what good is a hoard of nuts?


  1. Sometimes those nuts and seeds need the right amount of water, sunshine and sometimes fire. They'll flourish when the conditions are right...and sometimes we can assist.

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  3. Yes indeed. But we can prepare the ground, plant the seeds and nurture the seedlings ourselves. Rather than wait for the 'perfect' conditions. If we do nothing, there's a fair chance nothing interesting will happen. We can be the gardeners. And we can seek out teachers, fertile soil and fair winds to assist us.


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