Saturday, 4 September 2010

Counting down

I'm now in my final two months of 9 to 5 (hah!  I don't think I've ever just worked the core hours), so the end is in sight and the beginning of something new is starting to feel a little more real.  At first, the idea of leaving work felt like leaping into a void.  I don't yet have a strong or clear idea of what I will be doing for a living this time next year.  But I have started to pre fill that void.  I begin a Psychology course one day a week later this month.  I don't know that I want to become a Psychologist but this will be a good way to find out how interested I am.  It will also give a structure to my week, something for my brain to do - there will be homework - and fellow students to meet.  I've signed up for a singing course with a local community choir and am busy looking at other courses to do just for fun.  The void is feeling less scary and more exciting as time goes on.      

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