Friday, 7 January 2011

Calm down dear, it's only your life

There's something about imposed landmarks that brings out the resistant child in me.  For New Year for the first time, instead of half heartedly making some resolutions (typically more like wish lists than resolutions) I decided to do it "properly".  I reviewed the year past, noted its battles, celebrated its achievements and experienced profound gratitude for the events and people who helped me along my way.  That was the easy part.

How then do I take the learnings from 2010 and use them as my foundation for a great 2011?  What do I want for this year?  How will I make it happen?  This remains my sticking point.  I made a lot of positive changes last year to free myself from some of the shackles of limited and self critical thinking.  It looks like this year will be more of the same.  I am not miraculously clear headed and free just yet.  As momentous as they felt at the time, last year's changes were the beginning baby steps.  Perhaps I need to accept that the destination can be shrouded in mist so long as the journey is interesting and moving in the right direction.  Because I do know the direction if not the destination.


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