Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Maybe that's my fun

I was recently talking to a friend about Fulfilling Work events and how excited I was about the ideas and working on it with friend Catherine.  How much I was learning, how stressful it sometimes was, and what we hoped it could do.  I also shared my Nightstop experience and that it was a way for me to test out whether I wanted to go deeper and have a young person in my house for longer, perhaps even fostering.  As we talked about our lives and hopes I realised that mine were all quite 'serious' and started to laugh and apologise that there wasn't much fun in what I was talking about.

"Maybe", he said "that is your fun".  

I think he's right and what's important to me is connecting with other people, creating a sense of family and home, and sharing experiences and learning.  It is part of what what drives me.  I don't need to feel embarrassed about it.  

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