Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A reaction to criticism

Here's what I posted on my argus.co.uk blog as my biog back in October:

"I'm a chartered accountant and MBA who has decided, after many years in the corporate world, that there's more to life than turning up to an office each day and working my socks off. Finding out what that "more to life" is, while not going broke, is my mission for the next 12 months."

Since I turned in my notice at my old job, I have started a Psychology course, sat some exams, thrown a do for my Dad's 80th, started a new part time job in a totally unrelated field, started two blogs, started an Artist's Way course and .... well, I won't go on.  The point is I've started a lot of new things and I'm adjusting.  No, I haven't found the answer to everything and, yes, sometimes it's tiring and bewildering and I do still have a habit of pushing on regardless instead of stopping and smelling the coffee.  I am getting better at it, though.  Progress is jumpy.  I have great days and awful days.  I don't regret leaving my job at all.

This may all seem very trivial stuff, but it's my life and my mission statement still holds true.

Over and out.

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