Friday, 15 July 2011

Hello....has anyone seen my career?

At an event last night I got chatting to a man seated near me.  He was a coach and he asked me what I did.  I explained that I was in transition from a career in Finance via theatre management to...well I wasn't sure yet.  Apart from saying (as they all infuriatingly seem to) "you do know what you want to do", he also questioned my approach.  It seemed to him that trying out different areas, experimenting and experiencing different possible options meant that I was likely to just become lost.  He also questioned my ability to network if I didn't have a ready elevator pitch and a title to put on my business cards.

I do understand that it's much easier to sell a product if you're clear what the offer is.  However, I defend this period of uncertainty, of ambiguity, and yes, of being lost.

Being lost and seeking is infinitely preferable to being lost and miserable in a well paid soul destroying job.


  1. Totally agree. Being lost and curious is SUCH a powerful time because of the opportunities that it affords and the ideas that can brew. Good luck!

  2. Thanks. Being lost can be tiring; trying to keep my energy & enthusiasm up!


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