Sunday, 1 May 2011

On Time

I'm a slow learner when it comes to the important things in life.  It takes a lot of repetition and experience for me to really 'get it'.  So I'm not entirely sure what the lessons of the last six months are.  I do know that I'm a happier person.  I also know that, as with any journey, I've taken myself with me on my inward journey.  I'm still carrying a lot of baggage.

I'm starting to feel more comfortable with not knowing.  Not entirely comfortable, as evidenced by the way I have overfilled my time, but at least now I can recognise what I'm doing and have taken steps to free up my diary. After all, the purpose of making the change was to slow down a little and explore other avenues of interest, to take more risks.

Old work habits have crept into my new job; it occupies more of my thinking time than I would like.  So I need strategies to shake this off.  One new(ish) hobby is harmony singing.  The reason I love this so much is that it gets me out of my head and into my body, into the moment.  So part of the solution is to be more physical.  Not too hard in the Spring when being outdoors, and walking in nature are such a pleasure.

The other part of the solution is meditation.  And yet I have not yet made this a habit.  Until I do I suspect I will continue to burn through energy on over thinking.

So perhaps these are my lessons of the last six months:

Sing, Meditate, Walk
Be in nature
Take risks
Be a beginner
Make mistakes
Be honest
Celebrate successes
Be kind

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