Saturday, 21 May 2011

Toothbrush Teachings

Twitter, Facebook, email...all ways to seemingly connect with others.  Very tempting for those of us who like to distract ourselves.  I know that meditation will help me.  Being quiet.  Being still. Being with myself.  The science, philosophy and spiritual practices of our times all tell me so.

I had two toothbrushes. The usual basic bristly one and a sonic one.  The sonic one works best.  The trouble, I discovered, with the sonic one is that it runs for two minutes and, apart from moving it around your mouth, you don't do much with it.  Two. Whole.  Minutes.

Faced with those two minutes I usually grabbed the regular one.  Hah, I can control you! I can brush and I can do it for as long or as little as I like.

I've finally accepted that this is not clever.  It's gone in the bin.

Now I have two minutes of enforced quiet not doing twice a day.

And my teeth feel fantastic.

Guardian article on Meditation

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