Saturday, 21 August 2010

I want the fun back

Having decided to jack in the job, I'm now dancing with my old friend
Fear, who it seems has been providing quite a lot of the drive in my life to date.  The year ahead
is going to be both exciting and a bit nail biting.  One thing I've
found really helpful is the concept that I don't need to know what my
true self, life purpose, perfect job etc is but that I can take action
& try things out to find out what these might be. There is a brilliant
book for clueless career changers like me called Working Identity by
Herminia Ibarra - I can't recommend it highly enough.  The other area
for me this year will be play - doing more of what I enjoy and finding
out more about what I do enjoy.  Work, in particular, has lost all of
its fun. Intense, driven Karen needs to lighten up.  I want the fun

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