Tuesday, 24 August 2010

What's in a title?

"It's a fact that most accountants would not admit to their job at a party - you may as well be wearing a Gordon Brown mask while reciting from the phone book as you watch people slowly sidle away" *

I've often felt uncomfortable answering the what do you do question in social settings for two reasons. (1) I wasn't entirely happy in the job, and (2) the degree of prejudice attached to the label. People are always more than what they do for a living and it used to drive me a little nuts when I saw that instant look of dismissal on a face. It's a particular problem in funky Brighton where I live. But putting that aside for a moment, I do have an interesting label dilemma coming up. What do I call myself in November when I'm no longer an accountant and haven't yet settled on my new identity? Here are some of my options:

I don't know - flat and boring, not an option
Seeker - too new agey
Career changer - hmmmm
I'm taking some time out to find out - true, but a bit long

I'd be grateful for suggestions.

* Quote is from a colleague in my current job (and he's not boring either)

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  1. err you could try "I'm a Karen"? :)


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