Monday, 16 August 2010

Soulful Singing

Soulful singing is a drop-in harmony singing group.  I decided to go because I knew I wanted to use my voice in some way.  The first session gave me back something I hadn't experienced for a long time and taught me a few lessons along the way.  For it to work I have to keep that fine and perfect balance between concentrating to pick up the tune, words and rhythm of each new song and really letting go.  At first the idea of being able to sing, move and clap/click fingers all at once seems impossible.  There is something primal about a group of very different people standing in a circle creating a noise together - it's both a physical and spiritual experience - the sound vibrates through the room and the voice seems to come from the belly.  It's gospel without the baggage.  And I can't stop smiling.    

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